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HighLITE: Onur Koç

The event series HighLITE: is designed for the public to step into the shoes of LITE: students for one evening. The lecture which takes place at the innovation lab alt_lab located in santralistanbul Campus will host Onur Koç, Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft.A dedicated leader with 20+ years of experience in leading software engineering teams and field leadership, writer of the “AI for a Better World” book, strong technical and business background, depth experience in cloud services, innovation and cloud business models. He will be giving the lecture titled ‘Artificial Intelligence and the Industry’.



Event Place santralistanbul

Istanbul Service Jam

“Istanbul Service Jam” has been organized in Istanbul since 2011 and has developed many collaborations with other editions around the world. The event is open for everyone who works in areas such as service design, interaction design, customer experience. We’re looking for people, involved in an experimental spirit, aims to think, produce, prototyping, testing and working around the theme set for that year for 24 hours.



Event Place ATÖLYE

Thinking Through Sensors

How did the light go on when you walked in the room? How does the watch on your arm following how far you walk? So how does this process work? This workshop focuses on how to solve the problems in the workspaces through technology and thinking through sensors.



Event Place ATÖLYE

SpotLITE: Hasan Vatan

LITE: program’s event series SpotLITE: takes one inspiring speaker under the spotlight and hosts Hasan Vatan, the founder and general manager of Vatan Computer. You are invited to ATÖLYE to give an ear to Hasan Vatan and his story on how to open a large retail store with a small sum of capital and expand to the rest of Turkey in less than 30 years with 136 stores.



Event Place ATÖLYE

BİLGİTalent Fest 2019

İstanbul Bilgi University Global Talent Management Center (BİLGİTalent) organizes the BİLGİTalent Fest 2019 (formerly known as Career Day), is the most comprehensive networking event bringing various leading firms together with students and alumni. All undergraduate, graduate students and alumni can participate in the BİLGİTalent Fest 2019, join inspiring info-sessions and seminars, as well as meet the representatives of organizations in the booth area, apply for job and internship opportunities in-person.


Event Place santralistanbul, Study Hall

Zero to One ’19

Organized by Koç University Entrepreneurship Club, the third edition of “Zero to One Entrepreneurship & Innovation Summit” will be held on March 9 at Sevgi Gönül Cultural Center at Rumelifeneri Campus. The event will feature Turkey’s acclaimed entrepreneurs who will share their professional experiences and inspiring stories with students.





Event Place Sevgi Gönül Kültür Merkezi

HighLITE: Derya İren

The innovative postgraduate program LITE: presents its new event series, HighLITE: Derya Iren. HighLITE: is designed for the public to step into the shoes of LITE: students for an open lecture. The event, which will be held during the Human & Technology course, will host Derya Iren and take place at the innovation lab alt_lab. Siemens Turkey Digitalization and Industry 4.0 Marketing Manager Derya Iren will be lecturing the students and participants about digital transformation strategies, cultural transformation and competencies and the future.



Event Place santralistanbul, alt_lab

IEEE ITU Technology Conference

IEEE ITU Technology Conference aims to explore the position and future goals of technology in Turkey and in the world with important names in the industry and to offer an extraordinary experience by removing the limits of innovation to remove engineers from Turkey who will determine the standards of technology.



Event Place ITU Ayazaga Campus

CrowdUp 2019

CrowdUp, which brings university students who are interested in entrepreneurship together with the new generation startups for the third time, will be held on February 16th at Bahçeşehir University. Participants of the conference will have the opportunity to listen to the experiences of the startup teams face to face.



Event Place Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi

Game in Museum

Gaming conference in the museum sheds light on young women entrepreneurs and those who want to take part in the digital gaming industry. In cooperation with Women in Games Turkey, Sabancı University and the British Council, “Game in Museum” conference and hackathon will bring together those who want to produce and be involved in digital gaming industry on February 16 and 17, at Sakıp Sabancı Museum, the Seed.



Event Place Sakıp Sabancı Museum

City Planning From a Feminist Perspective

Organized by ATÖLYE and 3dots, “Curious Community” event series bring people together who wonder, question, investigate, search for answer on this road and finds the source of the problem. The first event of the year, City Planning from a Feminist Perspective, will feature a talk about gender equality approach of places and cities, designing and planning of those with feminist perspectives, with professional and expert guests who do research from different standpoints.



Event Place ATÖLYE

SpotLITE: Elvan Omay

It’s another day full of inspiration here at LITE:. The third edition of SpotLITE: will feature a speech by Elvan Omay, who founded The School of Life Istanbul within Istanbul Bilgi University. Her biggest passion is designing projects, experiences and contents that brings bridges social benefit and learning. Join us at ATÖLYE on Thursday, January 24.



Event Place ATÖLYE

3D Printing in Action

3D Printers are close to being ubiquitous technologies. But are we really aware of how 3D Printers are capable of? How can we use this technology to solve everyday problems? We will try to give answers to these questions and study 3D printing technology both theoretically and practically. And we will use 3D printers to solve everyday problems in our immediate environment by identifying, modeling and printing solutions.



Event Place ATÖLYE

ATÖLYE hosts Paul Bennett

We are pleased to present you Paul Bennett, Chief Creative Officer of one the leading international design and consulting firm IDEO. Paul is responsible for content excellence across IDEO and develops new thinking in the field of human-centred and design-led innovation. Paul will be talking about his efforts of designing a community, co-creation of new public policies and services with people and networking for the sake of social change.



Event Place ATÖLYE

“Öğrenmeyi Öğrenmek”

Technology and entrepreneurship writer Timur Sert, and Suat Kardaş, Education Lab Coordinator at Education Reform Initiative (ERG), will be at santralistanbul on January 12 to talk about how one learns from learning, with the moderation of Dr. Mehmet Ali Tuğtan, director of the Distance Education Application and Research Center.



Event Place santralistanbul, ÇSM 404

Hacking Everyday Objects

How great would it be if our lamps understood what we were saying? Or, if the teddy bear we tucked in at night nudged us awake in the morning? Or if we made an electronic drum set out of the abandoned potatoes rotting in the closet? In the “Hacking Everyday Objects” workshop series, participants will be “hacking” objects that we use in our daily lives. In the course of twelve hours, you will learn about production technologies, coding, and basic electronic circuitry.



Event Place ATÖLYE

Creative Mornings: Cemre Narin

Traditions are made by us, for us, so therefore they can be reinvented with intention and imagination. You may not start the next national holiday, but you can bring to the table your generosity, your kindness, your vision and heart to create a more welcoming future. In CreativeMornings, we will talk about foods and tradition with Cemre Narin. We will discuss about social and individual kitchen traditions, traditional kitchen features, what do we need for creativity in kitchen, how do innovative chefs keep traditions alive, what are the culinary trends that have evolved in recent years become a tradition in a short time and more. You are all invited to an inspiring morning.



Event Place ATÖLYE

SpotLITE: Onur Yüce Gün

The guest of the second edition of the event series that takes one inspiring keynote speaker under the spotlight is the architect, computational designer and researcher Onur Yuce Gun.  Onur who believes that only critical and embodied approaches in computational design can produce meaningful and refined results has specialised in computational geometry.  To learn more about the emerging and exciting field of study and Onur’s take on it, we invite you to ATOLYE.



Event Place ATOLYE

SpotLITE: Turgut Gürsoy

The event that will begin with the introduction of the program will be followed by a keynote speech by Turgut Gürsoy, the chairman of Lidya Ventures. Turgut Gürsoy was the president of TUBİSAD between 2009 and 2012. Turgut Gürsoy will talk about being an entrepreneur and thriving in the 21st century as a manager. Please register for the event by clicking here.


7:00 pm

Event Place ATÖLYE

Product Camp – Workshop: Gamification Design

In order to motivate the users in line with their business goals, the use of the fictions we know from the games is called gamification. Gamification provides the greatest benefit when it is designed with user experience design. This workshop brings together user experience design and gamification design to teach the ‘right gamification’ techniques.



Event Place ATÖLYE

Digilogue Summit – Future Tellers’18

Future Tellers’18 brings together people who produce, create and teach with a focus on the “Open Source Movement” at Zorlu Performing Arts Center. It aims to explore open and closed states of Knowledge, Creating, Learning, Algorithms, and Data. Digilogue Summit will present the works and evaluations of notable names based on the “Open Source Movement” including panels, presentations and speeches



Event Place Zorlu PSM

4th Istanbul Design Biennial

The 4th Istanbul Design Biennial, titled A School of Schools and curated by Jan Boelen with Nadine Botha and Vera Sacchetti, is pleased to announce the first participants of this year’s edition, which takes place from 22 September to 4 November 2018. The 4th Istanbul Design Biennial exhibition, which can be visited for free, will take place at Akbank Art, Yapı Kredi Culture and Art, Pera Museum, Arter, SALT Galata and Studio-X Istanbul. Organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) and sponsored by VitrA, the biennial will bring together old and new knowledge, academic and amateur, professional and personal, engaging multigenerational, transdisciplinary practitioners from Turkey and abroad.


Event Place Istanbul

Global Goals Jam

Global Goals Jam is a 2-day event that aims to contribute to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals by creating short-term interventions with long-term effects. The event, which will focus on Affordable and Clean Energy, Good Health and Well-being, Sustainable City and Communities, Gender Equality and No Poverty from the United Nations’s global objectives, will take place at ATÖLYE between 21 – 23 September. Participants will try to find solutions to existing problems for the duration of two days.


06:00 PM

Event Place ATÖLYE

Technology & Human Imagination

In the “Technology & Human Imagination” event, we bring together people who bring technology and imagination together and merge them in their production. The event will host UK-based artist and writer James Bridle, academician and curator Ebru Adult, artist and instructor Bager Akbay and Oddviz Co-Founder Serkan Yak. We will discuss the relationship between technology and human beings from a different angle and talk about its relation to the imagination.



Event Place ATÖLYE

Expat Spotlight #14: Design

In collaboration with ATÖLYE, Yabangee returns with a new season of Expat Spotlight – a monthly series showcasing the freshest, most inspiring contributions being made by Istanbul’s diverse international community to the city’s cultural, sporting, humanitarian, and business spheres. An opportunity to share moving stories, reflect on personal experiences and participate in a resourceful dialogue, we invite foreigners and locals alike to come and embolden others.



Event Place ATÖLYE


Techfestival gathers up to 16,000 humans in Copenhagen to explore the impact of technology on our lives.Together with people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities, Techfestival has started a new conversation on the relationship between humans & technology. There will be 200 events over five days in Copenhagen’s iconic Meatpacking District.


09:00 AM

Event Place Copenhagen
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