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LITE explores the frontier of hybrid learning in a university setting. By contextualizing global vectors alongside organizational patterns, human biases and tools for creativity, LITE fosters a distinct point of view among its graduates, most of whom will shine as future entrepreneurs or change makers.

Who are we

During the one and a half year postgraduate degree LITE aims to provide an entrepreneurial perspective and the ability to take steps towards the goals of the 21st-century business world.  Potential entrepreneurs who can identify innovative business opportunities during the postgraduate degree and implement these opportunities in various sectors will investigate ways to transfer today’s current technologies to their initiatives. Students will capture and enlarge ideas in the enterprise process, learn to make presentations to investors, how to become a company and have an idea of advertising and marketing techniques.






Hours of education

How we do it

With LITE, we designed 3 modules for teaching participants : the management in complex systems by understanding the global systems, to make them understand looking at economic perspectives on the basis of social theories and managing sustainable ideas within the framework of ethical values, being able to make empathy with others while putting ideas into practice, and shaping their ideas to solve certain problems.


LITE teaches the systems of the world, the relations between these systems and the principles of systemic thinking. It seeks an answer to “What are we a part of?” within all these complex systems. It focuses on the ethical needs and requirements that arise as humanity begins to live in societies and how we can achieve sustainability in a global perspective in our initiatives. It teaches to produce results-oriented solutions by gaining the ability to look at the problems around us with different perspectives and examines the influence of technologies introduced by “Industry 4.0” on our lives, that will strengthen the relationship between technology and human.


LITE examines the development of organization management from past to present and deals with what kind of changes the organizations’ management needs in our digitizing world. It examines the development of organization management from past to present and teaches what kind of changes the organizations’ management need in our digitizing world. By learning about the basics of our projects through storytelling, the oldest method of spreading information, it becomes a storyteller and examines the global approaches and influences of innovation on the basis of social entrepreneurship.


With LITE, students take the first steps in passing their own business philosophy to life by transforming what we learn and experience in Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship into individual projects. It will prepare students to the steps to take within global and national frameworks by learning how to adapt to changing conditions with the motto of “ The change starts by the person himself/herself” and how to be more flexible and strong. It will teach how to turn an initiative into a successful business management, dealing with essential components of an organization such as financial management, legal and operational processes.

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